Tial-M Sleeve




Prepare the steel surface to be coated to minimum Sa 2 1/2 degree as per ISO 8501-1. Treat the polyethylene coating with abrasive paper to provide sufficient surface roughness.

Preheat the steel surface and the adjacent factory coating to 80°C. Apply preliminarily prepared epoxy primer onto the steel  surface and the adjacent factory coating over the entire area to be coated.

Wrap the sleeve around the weld joint so that the overlap with the factory coating is at least 75 mm at each side and the overlap of the sleeve ends is at least 100 mm.

Heat the adhesive layer of the closure patch with a soft flame and install the patch in the central position onto the sleeve end in place of overlap. Smooth the patch down with hand and roll with silicon roller. The closure patch has to be located on the pipe circumference near 2 or 10 o'clock position.

Heat the sleeve with a soft flame from center to edges starting from bottom part of the joint to remove air from under the sleeve surface.

Indications of Appropriate Installation:
  •  the sleeve wraps weld joint area tightly and reproduces the weld seam relief
  • the adhesive layer is evident from under sleeve edges to at least 3-4 mm around entire perimeter of circle
  • the sleeve has no folds, buckling or bubbles


This installation procedure is indicative and incomplete. Please follow installation guide supplied together with product.





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