TIAL Quality  Management System has been certified to meet DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 standard by Bureau Veritas, a world leading QMS registrar accredited by UKAS. Integrated quality management system ensures high performance to meet the planned objectives in most efficient and cost effective manner. TIAL QMS provides comprehensive evidence to all partners that the operations are conducted to documented procedures subject to continuous improvement in a specific controlled manner. Successfully managed company has a positive effect on employee motivation and boosts TIAL image. The standards are applied at every stage of TIAL activities starting from the choice of our suppliers to post-sale support during pipeline construction.Both manufacturing process at all stages of the producer IFC Techprocomplect LLC and also commercial activities of official sales structure Trading Company TIM have been certified.



TIAL considers health, safety and environmental problems of top priority. Existing TIAL manufacturing facilities allow to cause no impact of production operations on the environment.
TIAL constantly seeks to completely eliminate any incidents and unsafe operations from its activities. The company manages all products and processes in a manner that preserves a stable environment, keeps workplaces safe and ensures that TIAL employees and customers are healthy and secure.





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