Production Facilities


TIAL is a developer and manufacturer of heat-shrinkable coatings for corrosion protection and waterproofing of steel and pre-insulated pipes and pipe components. The enterprise based in Russia started its activities in 2001. Since then TIAL operations have led to the leading position in the domestic market of heat-shrinkable materials and to impressive track record of export sales.

TIAL primary manufacturing facility is located 30 km southwest of Moscow. The city is a major junction of Eurasian commercial transport routes. Position of manufacturing premises near Moscow enables the company to highly optimize its logistic schemes. It is the ideal location for commodity flows when raw materials are supplied from Europe and finished products are delivered to Eurasia and Middle East. The factory initially is removed from the city itself to minimize production costs.

TIAL secondary facility is located in Aqtobe, Republic of Kazakhstan.

TIAL products are specifically designed to be used in construction and repairing of oil, gas, water and heat transmission systems.

TIAL manufacture relies on the latest achievements in polymer industry and irradiation cross-linking. Advanced equipment together with multilevel product quality control provide extremely long lifetime of products.




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