TIAL-R and TIAL-Z Repair Materials



Preheat the repaired polyethylene coating area up to 100°C and remove the damaged factory coating with spatula or knife. Smooth the sharp edges of the mill coating and make the coating rougher with abrasive paper 75 mm more around the removed coating area. Remove rust from the repaired steel pipe surface portion with abrasive paper.

Preheat the steel surface up to 60°C and the polyethylene surface of the repaired area up to 100°C (100 mm more around the damaged area). Apply preliminary cut to size TIAL-Z repair filler onto the steel and polyethylene pipe surfaces. Heat the filler with a gas torch, fill in the damaged area with the help of a spatula and evenly distribute the filler with the spatula over the polyethylene surface (75 mm more around the damaged area).

Cut TIAL-R repair patch to ensure 40-45 mm overlap on factory coating. Heat the adhesive layer until it becomes lustrous.

Install TIAL-R piece onto the repaired pipe area to ensure that the adhesive layer extends from under the tape to at least 20 mm.

Heat the piece with a gas torch and roll down with a roller to remove adhesive blobs and air bubbles.

Indications of Appropriate Installation:
  • no bubbles under TIAL-R tape
  • the surface is smooth, without folds or creases.


This installation procedure is indicative and incomplete. Please follow installation guide supplied together with product.






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