Prepare the steel surface to be coated to minimum Sa 2 1/2 degree as per ISO 8501-1.

Preheat the steel surface to be coated up to 80°C. Apply preliminary prepared epoxy primer onto the steel surface over the needed pipe length. Area to be small enough to retain the required temperature during installation (usually within one running meter of pipe).

Make the first turn with TIAL-L tape and continue wrapping spirally with a slight tension and minding overlap of the turns depending on pipe diameter. Before applying next turn, preheat the previous turn over the entire surface to ensure shrinkage of tape and softening of adhesive layer. Remove air bubbles with hand or silicon roller.

After the whole roll is used, fasten the beginning of next roll with TIAL-ZP closure patch.

The last turn of TIAL-L tape has to be complete. Fasten end of the tape with closure patch. Heat adhesive layer with a soft flame on the closure patch and install the patch in the central position onto the tape end. Smooth the patch down with hand
and roll with silicon roller.

Indications of Appropriate Installation:

  • adjacent tape turns are installed tightly and cover the entire insulated surface with overlap according to recommendations in Table 3 (Column 4)
  • the adhesive layer is evident from under the tape edges to at least 3-4 mm to indicate coating tightness and even tape adhesion over the entire length
  • the tape has no folds, buckling or bubbles.


This installation procedure is indicative and incomplete. Please follow installation guide supplied together with product.





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